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Product Features

Talent Planing

Talent Planning

  • Skill-Gap Analysis Skill-Gap Analysis
  • Demographic analysis Multi-dimensional Demographic analysis
  • Requisition Form Raising Manpower Requisition Form
  • Succession Planning Succession Planning
  • Job Posting Create Job Posting
  • Share job post Share job post on Social Media
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TalentTicks Talent Planning

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

  •  Shortlisting CV Shortlisting CV/resume based on
    domain, experience and skills
  • automated screening Set automated screening tests
  • psychometric tests Set inhouse psychometric tests
  • interviews Manage interviews
  • Offer letter Generate and manage Offer letter
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TalentTicks Talent Acquisition

Talent Development

Talent Development

  • Buzzbook Buzzbook
  • Appreciate Appreciate in a minute
  • Attendance Attendance and leave management
  • Succession Planning Succession Planning
  • Talent Development Mentorship
  • Training Training
  • E-Learning-Filled LMS
  • Performance Management Performance Management
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TalentTicks Talent Development

Talent Retention

Employee Retention

  • Survey Employee satisfaction survey
  • Poll Poll
  • Attrition Predictor Attrition Predictor
  • Exit interviews Exit interviews
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TalentTicks Talent Retention


Instant Gratification, Reward Points, Fun, Objectivity, Transparency, Recognition, Mastery, Engaging, Freebies.... Gamification has many names but is undisputinly the new Mantra!

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Product Highlights

Talent Time-line

Maintain a complete Time-line of your talents - right from the day they joined, to all the trainings and events they participated in, to their career growth path.

Work Time-line


Prediction chart

Talenticks lets you predict high risk talents, who might be contemplating a move, thus helping you take preventive measures and ensuring retention.


Award your talents with badges and stars, have their names on Leader-boards. Let them flaunt their commitments towards their teams and organization anywhere and everywhere

Badges and awards

BUZZ BOOK-A Collaboration Tool

Create a Buzz of anything and everything under the sun on the BuzzBook. Collaborate and share, discuss and comment.. use your in-house Facebook look-a-like.. The BuzzBoook.

Social Connectivity

Brownie Points

All good work should be rewarded. Let your talents earn brownie points for their excellent work, for helping their team-mates, for participating in events, for CSR activities, for collaborations, for sharing ideas and also endorsing other's ideas, for appreciating others, for undergoing trainings, for enhancing their skills.... for everything they do at the workplace. Engage them more and more.

The original PSD of the graphic is included in the package. You can easily customize the PSD to meet your needs.

Brownie Points and Rewards

Our Team

Our team is multi-faceted comprising of project managers, researchers, academicians, web-developers, technical architects and students. Our Education Facilitators and Administrators have rich experience in Curriculum Design, Placements/ Recruitments and Teaching. Importantly, our team is studded with Researchers who have done extensive research in the areas of Technology, Education and Student Motivation. Our mentors give us the boost and regular feedback on our products and services, thereby helping us deliver the best.

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